BMP Invests in COTA

20 December, 2016




Boston Millennia Partners Invests in Cota, Inc.

Boston, MA, December 2016, Boston Millennia Partners is pleased to announce its investment in Cota, Inc. as part of an $18 million growth equity round. Cota is a New York City based cancer outcomes and data tracking company that uses a patented digital classification system to assess patient results on specific treatment protocols. Cota’s customers include pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and insurance companies. The company has partnerships with several major pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. including Novartis and Celgene, and with data provider Foundation Medicine. The company has received strategic investments from Novartis, Celgene, Foundation Medicine and Horizon Healthcare.

Partner, A. Dana Callow, Jr., who is joining Cota’s Board of Directors, said, “Cota has the potential to make a significant impact on not only the cost of quality healthcare but also on how patients are matched to the best standards of care and evolving protocols. Dr. Andrew Pecora and his team are leaders in this arena and the company’s Cota Nodal Address approach is ‘state of the art’. We are committed to being part of the larger solution for our nation’s complex healthcare dilemmas and Cota is a part of that solution.”

Cota’s CEO, Eric Schultz commented, “The company has made great progress on an exciting mission.  We have enjoyed strong revenue growth and rapid adoption of our products across multiple markets. Dana and the BMP team are a huge asset in helping us navigate the broader healthcare landscape and build a successful company”.

“Having Dana and BMP on our board gives us a deeply experienced viewpoint across provider, payer, life sciences, and regulatory environments,” said Dr. Andrew Pecora, Founder & Executive Chairman of Cota. “BMP’s track record in our space is impeccable and we’re looking forward to their continued guidance.”

About Cota, Inc.
Cota is a health care informatics and precision analytics company that builds research-grade, real-world data to exponentially improve outcomes, reduce cost and ensure the right care for the right patient every time. The patented Cota Nodal Address System (CNA) is the first and only digital classification system that transforms prognostically significant variables into a digital code — precisely categorizing patient factors, their diseases and intended therapies to measure treatment outcomes, identify variances in care and enable quality benchmarking, research, discovery and the transition to value-based medicine.

About Boston Millennia Partners

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