“The BMP team has been a great partner for MedAptus, having helped our firm grow from an early-stage company to a meaningful and scalable organization today. They have supported our group by opening their network to potential customers, top executive talent, and business partners. Additionally, they provide us support from their Associate Team on a regular basis to help guide our strategic direction by sourcing acquisition candidates, providing market research, and operating as an external business development arm. They let us run our business without interfering in the operations but add to the strategic thinking on our focus and industry direction. We are very excited to work with BMP to continue leading the evolution of digital health with cutting edge information technology that services over 20,000 providers across 100+ top-tier healthcare networks.”

Eugene Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Director,  MedAptus, Inc.
Eugene Schneider Chief Executive Officer, Director MedAptus, Inc.