Miruna Sasu currently serves as Chief Strategy Officer at COTA Healthcare, an innovative oncology real-world data and solutions company. She is known for developing successful real-world data and technology companies through a deep focus in understanding life science solutions to drive real and improved outcomes for patients. Miruna is a trailblazer in the invention and application of innovative next-generation solutions to solve real use cases across a variety of healthcare industry sectors, such as data-driven trial patient finding and matching, and decentralized trials. She is a people-oriented executive with a wealth of experience in building and scaling cutting-edge solutions from restructuring large organizations in large pharmaceutical companies to building small companies from the ground up. In past roles, Miruna has led large organizations at Johnson&Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb, where she revolutionized company-wide use of real-world data, true application of digital innovation and data science/advanced analytics across enterprise drug portfolios from drug discovery all the way to commercialization and post-marketing. Miruna holds a Ph.D. in biology and statistics from Penn State University and an MBA from Temple University.