Private Equity and Venture Capital Investing

Growth Equity Investing since 1984

Our Firm

Over the years venture capital has become a term known to entrepreneurs and start up’s around the world.  Venture capital firms have helped thousands of angels, early stage and growth stage companies raise enough capital, strategic support and a strong network in order to mature exponentially. At Boston Millennia Partners, we take venture capital and growth capital to an entirely strategic and successful level.

Boston Millennia Partners (BMP) has a long and successful history of venture capital and growth capital investing on a national scope. Our Core Company Investment Strategy, combined with our international network of relationships and deep industry expertise, sets us apart from other venture capital groups and enables us to contribute meaningfully to our portfolio companies.

We are focused on healthcare, business services and information technology growth equity investments.

Our goal is to be supportive and effective private equity partner, and establish productive relationships with our business partners that create long-term value.

We seek to partner with entrepreneurs who share our goal of building enduring, large-scale businesses that result in personal fulfillment and superior financial returns.  Over the past thirty years as a  venture capital firm, we have implemented an investment approach that centers on active participation with our portfolio companies. For more information, see our “What We Look For” section.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Investing Philosophy

Our venture capital and equity capital investing philosophy is guided by our Core Company Investment Strategy, which accelerates the growth of a company through strategic consolidation within an industry.  It is Thematic based investing targeting specific sectors of opportunity augmented by a “buy-and-build” strategy supporting our initial entrepreneurial company.  By following a targeted merger and acquisitions plan, a core portfolio company can quickly increase its scale and broaden the scope of its product and service offerings.  The result is a company that replicates a proven business model around an existing core platform to build a large, high-growth enterprise.

Within the past twenty years, core companies in our portfolio have completed over 200 strategic acquisitions.

One of our significant venture capital investments was in the pharmaceutical services company PAREXEL International. Our initial venture capital investment in PAREXEL helped them as a startup to expand and has now completed 42 acquisitions to date with our continuing support.

The growth and success of our portfolio companies have, in turn, allowed us to grow and expand our capital base over the years to over $700 million. As our firm has grown, we have developed a worldwide network of relationships.  Investors from over a dozen countries have entrusted us to manage capital on their behalf.