Ways we can help answer your questions before we meet

What is Boston Millennia’s typical initial investment size?
The average BMP growth capital investment is between $3 and $5 million.

In what stage does Boston Millennia invest?
We use a multi-stage investment approach investing in growth stage and late stage companies.

In what geographies does Boston Millennia invest?
Boston  invests throughout the United States and Canada, but prefers companies located in the eastern United States. We consider selected investment opportunities outside the United States that present exceptional return potential.

Is Boston Millennia typically the lead investor in its deals?
We are active lead or co-lead investors in our investments. We strongly prefer investment syndicates with few co-investors.

What does Boston Millennia contribute to an investment other than capital?
We are active, value-added investors. For additional information please see our discussion on our Core Company Strategy and our section on What Sets Us Apart.

Is Boston Millennia involved in the day-to-day operations of your portfolio companies?
We are not typically involved in the day-to-day operations but are active as strategic advisors, assisting management with the development of business and financial strategies, preparations for private and public financing events and organizational development.

Who should I contact about a potential investment?
Contact the most relevant partner in your area of interest. See Our Team.

What does Boston Millennia look for in a potential investment?
We screen potential investment opportunities based on five investment criteria: strength of management, size of market, competitive position of product or service being sold, quality of investment syndicate, and prospects for liquidity.

What industries does Boston Millennia target?
The current BMP fund seeks investments in the healthcare and business services industry.

How long does it take to secure capital from Boston Millennia?
BMP conducts a thorough due diligence process prior to committing to an investment. We typically seek to close an investment between 90 to 120 days after our initial meetings with management.

What is Boston Millennia’s average holding period for an investment?
BMP recognizes that value creation takes time. We are patient investors. Our average holding period for an investment is 5 years.

What are Boston Millennia’s investment return targets?
We seek to return a minimum of 2-5 times our investment for each our portfolio company commitments.

Does Boston Millennia have any strategic financial relationships that would support portfolio companies and investors?
Yes, BMP has strategic relationships with a number of corporate organizations including PAREXEL International, IBM and Tufts Medical Center. In addition the Millennia Managers have developed partner relationships with a number of early, growth and late stage investment funds such as W Capital, Great Point Partners, Excelerate Health and Greenspring Opportunity Funds. Each of these funds is a source of investment opportunities as well as co-investment capital for Boston Millennia Partners.