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At Boston Millennia, we seek highly capable entrepreneurs with market vision who share our goal of building enduring, large-scale businesses in industry groups were we have identified expertise. Our objective is to provide the resources, guidance, and assistance necessary to transform their ideas and vision into a successful Millennia portfolio company. Identified below are some publicly available resources that have been helpful to prospective companies in the past.

Developing a Business Plan
All companies funded by Boston Millennia require a detailed business plan consistent with the development stage of their firm. See our Business Plan Submission form to submit your plan. The process of writing a business plan typically is helpful in prompting entrepreneurs to consider all the dynamics required to build a successful firm. Some resources that entrepreneurs may find helpful in this area are:

Creating and Growing the Company
There are many professional organizations that can assist you in establishing and growing your company. Sites that have been helpful to some of Boston Millennia’s portfolio companies in the past include:

Expanding your Team
One of Boston Millennia’s value added services to its portfolio companies is its CoreBuilder program. Other entrepreneurs have found the following sites helpful in adding to their teams:

Sites and Articles On Marketing

General Information Resources

Sites in order to better understand your company’s Taxes and Laws:

Venture Capital Info


Business Plan Submission
We invite entrepreneurs seeking venture capital to contact us by submitting an executive summary and/or a full version of their business plan via our web page.