What Sets us Apart

Providing Value Beyond Capital


The BMP team’s value extends beyond the capital we provide our portfolio companies.  Our broad industry knowledge, global network, and deep understanding of the public and private capital markets serve our entrepreneurs in ways our capital alone could not.

Our goal is to be valuable, effective, and trusted investors while at the same time establishing productive, long-lasting relationships with our business partners.

Global Network of Relationships

We manage private equity capital from institutional investors in the United States and in over a dozen countries in Europe and Latin America.  Our network of domestic and international relationships has been a valuable resource to many of our portfolio companies.  By leveraging our contacts, we have identified key customer relationships, strategic acquisition targets, and promising senior management candidates for our portfolio companies.  Our relationships in Europe and Latin America, in particular, include internationally respected institutions and individuals who actively support our portfolio companies as they expand their operations abroad.

Risk Management Based Strategy

Boston Millennia Partners delivers superior investment returns by managing investment risk.  At the time of our initial investment, our target companies typically have existing customers, proven technologies, and exceptional management teams.  By minimizing our exposure to technology risks and market risks, we are able to focus on companies that are participating in rapid industry growth, and have competitive advantages from new technologies or other factors that are driving industry changes.  We can then concentrate our efforts in assisting these companies with strategic objectives, organizational development, and financing strategies.

Tangible Value Added Capacities

In addition to the traditional multi-disciplinary strengths which the Millennia team brings to our portfolio companies, we are able to directly assist our portfolio companies in the following high value areas:

Strategy Developments and Market Analysis:  Members of the BMP have had years of experience in strategy development for Fortune 100 companies as well as smaller entrepreneurial enterprises.  Our operational expertise and financial acumen can assist our CE’s as they address new problems for the first time and where we have previous dealt with similar issues.  BMP maintains a staff of Principals and Analysts who are also available to work on specific projects four our portfolio companies whether it is in primary market research or modelling a new project or acquisitions being consider.

Organization Development and Augmentation:  In the majority of our past investments the BMP team has been active in helping CEO’s and their teams organize and build their senior executive talent.  Because of our past investment and business building history we receive numerous inquiries from executives seeking to join one of our portfolio companies.  We maintain an extensive database of executives seeking career enhancement. It is common for one of the BMP team to identify and help evaluate new management members as our companies grow.

Legal Advice and Support:  Because BMP has on staff an experienced and past practicing attorney, many of our portfolio company CEO’s call us for advice on legal matters.  We do not replace outside counsel but support a company’s counsel.  In many cases a short call to BMP can answer some simple legal questions and offer suggestions on how to approach a specific matter.  Turnaround time and experience can make a difference when negotiating a contract or working through a legal issue.

Capital Raising:  For a private investment firm to be successful, it must be able to assist its portfolio companies in raising capital to finance current and future growth.  Our Partners are experienced at raising private capital for our portfolio companies.  We work to organize syndicates of investors whose interests are aligned with company managements’. A strong syndicate has complementary skills and brings proven board level experience which can mitigate risks.

Expense Management:  The BMP Managers have experienced up and down economic cycles in the external market.  We understand the importance of capital efficiency and when to increase or moderate spending as market conditions change.  In difficult markets, using a team approach, we work intensively with portfolio company management to manage expense structures.

Network of Strategic Relationships:  We have an extensive network of highly qualified entrepreneurs and other professionals who are valuable resources for our portfolio companies, providing strategic advice and introductions as well as specific industry expertise.  We also have long term relationships with many large global companies which can provide access and resources for our smaller investee companies.  Our special relationship with PAREXEL International Corporation (Nasdaq’s: PRXL), a leading international clinical trials management organization, offers the BMP team insight into the pharmaceutical services industry as well as the many changing dynamics of the health information technology sector.  More than 25 years after BMP’s first investment with them, our Managing Partner, Dana Callow, remains the Lead Director at PAREXEL.