Founders Fund

Professional Seed Stage Investments

Boston Millennia Partners manages the BMP Founders Fund dedicated to angel investing in high potential early stage companies focused on tech-enabled healthcare services and SaaS businesses.  Although early investing in our industry is typically referred to as angel investing, BMP likes to set itself apart and earlier stage entrepreneurs to a higher level of investing.  Formed in 2014, the fund is managed by an experienced team of private company investors. The Founders Fund relationship with the growth stage BMP Funds offers access to larger capital investments in the long term if appropriate for the best performing angel and early stage entrepreneurial organizations.

Selected companies in the BMP Founders Fund may become investment candidates for the BMP venture capital and growth capital stage funds as the companies develop. When needed, members of the BMP team will provide staff and business development support to the portfolio companies and their entrepreneurs.


  • Proven entrepreneurial team
  • Need for angel or early stage investment
  • Capital efficient culture and business model
  • Preferred equity investment
  • Candidate for investment from growth stage capital managers
  • Participating in healthcare technology, business services or information services sectors where the BMP managers have particular expertise and capacity to support growth
  • Desire for an active value added investment partner and institutional governance structures
  • BMP angel investments are typically less than $250,000

Current Founders Fund investments are highlighted below:

3Derm Inc. (Boston, MA) is a cost-effective, skin imaging system that allows primary care physicians and non-dermatologists to take clinical-quality 3D skin images remotely. Two million Americans develop skin cancer every year. With 3Derm, dermatologists can review images taken at medical kiosks and other referral sites to efficiently monitor high volumes of patients’ lesions while reserving in-office appointment times for those patients whose images indicate a more alarming condition. 3Derm cuts down on wait times, reduces healthcare spending, and saves lives.

Atropos (Stanford, CA) is an early stage clinical decision support company. The company uses real world data, including electronic health Record information, to build patient specific care recommendations. The company has technology to identify clinically similar patient cohorts and compare treatment protocols based on prior outcomes. The company’s technology was developed at Stanford and they have a commercial partnership in place with Stanford Healthcare. The company is led by Brigham Hyde, Co-Founder and former President of Cocerto HealthAI.

Avhana (Baltimore, MD) provides a Smart software platform to hospital and physician provider groups interpreting medical records and clinical guidelines. Its products create dynamic checklists tailored to individual patient and physician needs and experience. Actionable recommendations and clinical decisions support are developed to aid clinical orders.

Avizia (Reston, VA) provides an end-to-end telehealth platform that integrates care coordination software with industry-leading video devices and mobile apps. Avizia is redefining healthcare with a telehealth platform that combines industry-leading video devices, care workflow and coordination software, mobile apps for both providers and their patients, and a cloud-based video infrastructure. With solutions found throughout 36 countries and 7 of the top 10 U.S. Integrated Delivery Networks, Avizia is enabling continuity of care by connecting any patient to any provider in any place. In 2018 Avizia was acquired by American Well (NYSE: AMWL).

BC Platforms (Basel, SUI) is a revenue generating bioinformatics and genomic data management company. The company has a software platform that integrates large amounts of phenotypic and genetic data. BC platforms has a broad set of solutions addressing the needs of the pharmaceutical, academic, biobank, and provider market sectors.  The company provides end to end solutions for data integration from multiple sources, including electronic medical records and sequencers. It also has solutions for genetic data curation and interpretation. Revenue has grown more than 100% for the last three years.  The BMP Founders Fund invested into BC Platforms after evaluating the significant market demand and will work with company management as they roll-out its U.S. expansion with its headquarters in Boston.

Bivarus Inc. (Raleigh, NC) has developed a patient experience measurement platform. The company provides cloud-based services and analytics measurement systems for surveying patients that uses a sampling algorithm to determine which set of measures are dynamically presented to a single patient. The company has used this round of financing to complete its first acquisition to augment its product offering. In 2018 Bivarus was acquired by Press Ganey

C2Sense (Cambridge, MA) is a company founded to develop simple, inexpensive, and easy to integrate sensing solutions to bridge the gap between the chemical world and the digital world. Based on 20 years of research at MIT in Cambridge, MA, C2Sense uses a proprietary sensor technology and unique and sophisticated chemistry expertise to design and market gas sensors that are highly selective and that can be integrated into any electrical platform, require almost no power, can be miniaturized, can be manufactured in mass, and are very inexpensive. This allows the company to offer sensing solutions that are not addressable by conventional methods. Pilot contracts are beginning this quarter with various industrial companies. We believe that C2Sense’s technology is applicable in many areas of focus including the food and agricultural sector as well as in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

CareAlign  (Philadelphia, PA) provides users with everything they need to manage their entire shift – all in one place, on any device. A secure, collaborative, patient-centered think-space enables clinicians to share and assign tasks to anyone on the care team, while quick access to real-time clinical data empowers clinicians to make more informed decisions at the point of care. Built to make the EHR work better for clinicians.

CubeWorks (Ann Arbor, Michigan) CubeWorks is an IoT company that uses core technology stemming from 10+ years of ultra-low power VLSI circuit research to produce ultra-low power wireless sensors with unprecedented form factors and battery life. Founded by pioneering researchers at the University of Michigan, CubeWorks will soon launch a cloud-based SaaS platform for supply chain management and optimization. With the cloud database and comprehensive AI-driven data analytics, CubeWorks will provide end-to-end real-time tracking of biopharmaceuticals for complete visibility of the supply chain. www.

Digital Cognition Technologies, Inc. (Boston, MA) develops tests that detect pre-symptomatic cognitive impairment and aid in tracking cognitive change. Based on patented technology from MIT, DCT can identify subtle cognitive features that may be indicative of impairment, even in people who appear to be functioning normally. All of DCT’s tests are easy to administer and are non-invasive. The tests capture and analyze micro-movements of drawing behavior, which reflect memory and thinking processes. DCT’s proprietary analysis delivers accurate and objective indicators of cognitive state, all for a fraction of the price of imaging and biomarker analysis.

Deep6 AI (Pasadena, CA) is an artificial intelligence company that allows healthcare professionals to search unstructured clinical information. At its core, Deep 6 AI has built a platform that turns cumbersome “document-based” clinical data, from electronic health records and other data sources, into rich, unified patient ‘graphs.’ This allows unstructured clinical data to be searched and analyzed. The first application of the platform is in clinical trial recruitment. Investigators can input clinical trial inclusion and exclusion criteria and the system will search a provider’s entire EHR database and identify potential subjects. This allows hospital systems to efficiently identify and enroll patients in clinical trials. The platform has been successfully deployed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Fetcher (New York, NY) helps high-growth companies recruit candidates whose talents, interests and experience best match the needs of the job and the culture of the team. Fetcher automates candidate sourcing and outreach, giving companies more bandwidth to focus on the human side of recruiting. The company’s sourcing automation platform, combined with an internal team of experts, empowers recruiters and TA leaders to be the best that they can be. By making the sourcing and outreach process exponentially more efficient, TA teams can spend more time building relationships with candidates, creating a great hiring experience, and showcasing their company’s brand.

iQuartic (Boston, MA)  has developed world class natural language processing software coupled with deep learning algorithms which understands the context and meaning of medical notes. The system rapidly generates codes and other data which can be used for population health, care gap, and medical intervention and predictive analytics. The company assist payers and providers across the country reduce the cost of care and improve revenues.

Mindful Urgent Care (New York, NY)  is the first mental health clinic offering same day services in New York that accepts commercial insurance. The company has opened three mental health clinics in New York City and is using the funding to expand into other geographic locations in the city as well as outside Manhattan. The clinics are already at capacity, demonstrating the demand for quality mental health care on demand. Mindful was incubated at the University of Chicago Business School and won the entrepreneurial competition for 2018.

Mingle Analytics (South Paris, ME) is on the leading edge of value-based care.  The company today is one of largest clinical quality reporting systems in the country.  Its core competency is its ability to extract, analyze and report quality data on behalf of physicians, as well as ensure clinicians are achieving standards of care outline by CMS in order to maximize reimbursement.  Mingle Analytics’ dynamic nature and expertise has helped many thousands of providers understand their role in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

NurseGrid, Inc. (Seattle, WA) is the first scheduling and communication solution designed for nurses, by nurses. NurseGrid empowers nurses to take control of their work lives with a simple, intuitive mobile and web based application. It is useful the moment a nurse begins using it, and becomes exponentially more useful as other nurses sign up. NurseGrid Pro for hospital departments enables nurse managers to communicate with their team in real-time over an intelligent platform. NurseGrid helps nurses and hospitals make more money by putting the right nurse, in the right place, at the right time. NurseGrid was acquired in March 2020 by HealthStream (NASDAQ: HSTM), a leading provider of workforce and provider solutions for the healthcare industry for an all-cash transaction of $25 million.

ORBITALRx (Raleigh, NC) provides cloud-based workflow automation solutions for hospitals to manage and mitigate the harm caused by medication supply disruption. The company is addressing a $500M+ market problem covering 220 medications that has immeasurable cost to patient lives which includes high patient safety risk, less effective drug use, canceled procedures and loss of productivity.  Built by health-system pharmacy leaders, the company is well positioned to reduce health system drug expenditures and lost revenue while improving patient safety and caregiver productivity.

Phosphorus (New York, NY) is a next generation sequencing (NGS) data company that enables hospitals to insource genetic testing. Many hospitals have invested in NGS hardware. However, they do not have the software to efficiently process the data from their sequencers. As a result, testing is being sent to third party labs. Phosphorus has developed out of the box panels and end to end genetic data management that hospitals can license.  This empowers hospitals to tap into a new revenue stream using their existing hardware. Phosphorus is a spin-out from Recombine Inc. also led by the same CEO,  which was very successfully sold last year to another industry participant.

Posterity Health (Parker, CO) provides an extensive portfolio of technology-enabled male fertility services including at-home diagnostics, virtual visits and in-person consults focused on improving a man’s fertility status. The Posterity Health Male Fertility Alliance is the only national network of Male Fertility Specialists. The company recently launched the first comprehensive digital male fertility management platform designed to help assess, evaluate and treat male fertility. www.

Precision Digital Health, Inc. (Boston, MA) has developed a software platform that enables the integration of disparate clinical data, allowing users to run complex queries in real time. The system is used to integrate information directly from multiple data sources: diagnostic labs, medical devices, clinical trials, wearables, genomic and electronic health records. Precision Digital Health has the subject matter expertise to provide complete data integration and analytical solutions to their clients. A core use case for the system is the construction of synthetic clinical trials. The company provides efficiency in retrospective data analysis and enables automated repeatable predictive models.

QuantHealth (Tel Aviv) is an AI company conducting patient-centric drug simulations to accelerate and de-risk drug development. Over 90% of drugs in clinical development stage fail to reach the market, which accumulates to a $45B/year direct lost to the pharma and biotech industry. Our platform allows our pharma and biotech partners to rapidly run thousands of variations of their clinical trials to optimize the trial design and significantly increase the probability of trial success, all while enabling discovery of new clinical opportunities and optimization strategies. QuantHealth has one the largest integrated datasets that spans the clinical, pharmacological and biological domains together with a proprietary AI platform that can predict patient-response to both approved and novel therapies.

reflect (San Francisco, CA) is changing how people think about their mental health and using data to improve the experience. Since launching in 2017, reflect has grown to the largest self-pay network of top therapists in the Bay Area. They partner with the best therapists to ensure clients get quality care. All of their therapists hold advanced degrees in psychology, marriage & family therapy, and social work. reflect is working hard to make it easier and more effective to connect with a therapist than ever before, helping clients make positive changes in their lives.

Roobrik, Inc. (Durham, NC) is the leading provider of online tools to help people make difficult health and care decisions, particularly for issues related to getting older and caregiving. Their innovative platform combines medical decision science with new models for digital engagement to help families get answers throughout the continuum of care. Roobrik partners with leading local, regional, and national senior care providers, as well as leading advocacy organizations like UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and AARP.

Totient (Cambridge, MA) is an AI-driven biotechnology company leveraging tertiary lymphoid structures (TLSs) to identify novel tissue-specific antigens and develop matching high-affinity antibody therapeutics. Totient reconstructs antibodies from tissues affected by autoimmunity, infections, and cancer collected from patients experiencing exceptional immune responses. Beginning with a population of over 50,000 samples, they have reconstructed antibodies against various known and novel extracellular oncology targets.

Turbine AI (Budapest, Hungary) is a simulation-driven drug discovery company, delivering targeted cancer therapies to targeted patient populations. Turbine’s proprietary platform leverages an advanced digital cell model, combined with cell behavior simulation technology and molecular biology, to understand complex tumor mechanisms and design drugs against them. Using simulation through the most critical phases of discovery and early development, Turbine delivers greater chances of clinical success both for their own and their partners’ pipelines.

Virb (Brookline, MA) is the first cloud-based end-to-end resource management platform that sources, trains, and deploys new talent into the clinical research industry globally, at scale. Virb is led by former pharmaceutical, CRO, and technology executives with a passion for sourcing, training, and hiring in completely new ways to close the demand-supply gap in clinical research. Their vision is to be the business partner of choice in the life science industry for sourcing, training, and deploying world-class clinical research talent at scale.

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