Founders Fund

Professional Seed Stage Investments

Boston Millennia Partners manages the BMP Founders Fund dedicated to angel investing in high potential early stage companies focused on tech-enabled healthcare services and SaaS businesses.  Although early investing in our industry is typically referred to as angel investing, BMP likes to set itself apart and earlier stage entrepreneurs to a higher level of investing.  Formed in 2014, the fund is managed by an experienced team of private company investors. The Founders Fund relationship with the growth stage BMP Funds offers access to larger capital investments in the long term if appropriate for the best performing angel and early stage entrepreneurial organizations.

Selected companies in the BMP Founders Fund may become investment candidates for the BMP venture capital and growth capital stage funds as the companies develop. When needed, members of the BMP team will provide staff and business development support to the portfolio companies and their entrepreneurs.


  • Proven entrepreneurial team
  • Need for angel or early stage investment
  • Capital efficient culture and business model
  • Preferred equity investment
  • Candidate for investment from growth stage capital managers
  • Participating in healthcare technology, business services or information services sectors where the BMP managers have particular expertise and capacity to support growth
  • Desire for an active value added investment partner and institutional governance structures
  • BMP angel investments are typically less than $ 250,000

Current Founders Fund investments are highlighted below:


provides a Smart software platform to hospital and physician provider groups interpreting medical records and clinical guidelines. Its products create dynamic checklists tailored to individual patient and physician needs and experience. Actionable recommendations and clinical decisions support are developed to aid clinical orders.

Avizia offers a telehealth platform that integrates care coordination software with industry-leading video devices and mobile apps. Avizia is redefining healthcare with the only end-to-end telehealth platform that combines industry-leading video devices, care workflow and coordination software, mobile apps for both providers and their patients, and a cloud-based video infrastructure. With solutions found throughout 36 countries and 7 of the top 10 U.S. Integrated Delivery Networks, Avizia is enabling continuity of care by connecting any patient to any provider in any place.

BC Platforms is a pioneer in bioinformatics and genome data management. The software platform provides answers to today’s most groundbreaking research questions in next-generation sequencing (NGS) and genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Their technology transforms data into scientific discoveries.




Bivarus is a developer of a patient experience measurement platform. The company provides cloud-based services and analytics measurement system for surveying patients that uses a sampling algorithm to determine which set of 10 measures are dynamically presented to a single patient.


Digital Cognition Technologies


DCT develops tests that detect presymptomatic cognitive impairment and aid in tracking cognitive change. In under 2 minutes, DCT can identify subtle cognitive features that may be indicative of impairment, even in people who appear to be functioning normally. All of DCT’s tests are designed to be easy to administer and non-invasive. The tests use patented technology to capture and analyze micro-movements of drawing behavior, which reflect memory and thinking processes. DCT’s proprietary analysis instantly delivers accurate and objective indicators of cognitive state, all for a fraction of the price of imaging and biomarker analysis.



Deep6 AI is an artificial intelligence company that allows healthcare professionals to search unstructured clinical information. At its core, Deep 6 AI has built a platform that turns cumbersome “document-based” clinical data, from electronic health records and other data sources, into rich, unified patient ‘graphs.’ This allows unstructured clinical data to be searched and analyzed. The first application of the platform is in clinical trial recruitment. Investigators can input clinical trial inclusion and exclusion criteria and the system will search a provider’s entire EHR database and identify potential subjects. This allows hospital systems to efficiently identify and enroll patients in clinical trials. The platform has been successfully deployed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.


3Derm logo


3Derm is a cost-effective, skin imaging system that allows non-dermatologists to take clinical-quality 3D skin images remotely. Two million Americans develop skin cancer every year. With 3Derm, dermatologists can review images taken at medical kiosks and other referral sites to efficiently monitor high volumes of patients’ lesions while reserving in-office appointment times for those patients whose images indicate a more alarming condition. 3Derm cuts down on wait times, reduces healthcare spending, and saves lives.




NurseGrid is the first scheduling and communication solution designed for nurses, by nurses. NurseGrid empowers nurses to take control of their work lives with a simple, intuitive mobile and web based application. It is useful the moment a nurse begins using it, and becomes exponentially more useful as other nurses sign up. NurseGrid Pro for hospital departments enables nurse managers to communicate with their team in real-time over an intelligent platform. NurseGrid helps nurses and hospitals make more money by putting the right nurse, in the right place, at the right time.




iQuartic is a provider of a technology platform that aggregates real-time Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data from multiple clinical care settings. The company gives health care groups access to organized and homogenized EMR data from disparate systems and produces EMR derived results through analytics and mining.




Phosphorous adoption of advanced genetic testing in partner laboratories around the world, Phosphorus is building a distributed genomic data network that will help providers, researchers, and patients better understand and harness the power of the human genome.



Presision Digital Health has developed an enterprise software platform, Summa, that enables the integration of disparate clinical data, allowing their customers to run complex queries in real time. Summa is used to integrate information directly from multiple data sources: diagnostic labs, medical devices, clinical trials, wearables, genomic and electronic health records. The company provides efficiency in retrospective data analysis and enables automated repeatable predictive models. A core use case for the system is the construction of synthetic clinical trials.



roobrik focuses on age-related care decisions and clinical research for the 65+ market.  Their innovative platform combines medical decision science with new models for digital engagement to guide families and patients to make informed decisions throughout the continuum of care.



Xconomy is a technology-focused business news provider with news specific sites targeting several regions of the U.S. Current locations include: Boston, Boulder/Denver, Detroit, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Texas. The company was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Robert Buderi, former Editor-in-Chief of MIT’s Technology Review and co-founded by Rebecca Zacks, the former managing editor of the New England Journal of Medicine’s daily e-newsletter Physician’s First Watch. Since its founding, Xconomy has developed a successful B2B event and conference business.


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