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COTA, IBM Watson teaming up for pilot program at Hackensack Meridian
Imagine waiting for your diagnosis. The doctor walks in and says, “Well, I just consulted with everyone on the planet Earth over the last 30 years to see how they took care of people like you, and then I looked at a database that precisely looked at people who have exactly what you have, and are exactly like you, and this is what I have learned in the past five minutes, and this is why I am going to recommend this treatment.” Read Full Release
MedAptus Launches New Website
BMP Portfolio company MedAptus launches their new website. Click our link to take a tour. Read Full Release
COTA Collaborates with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Cota Healthcare, the leading data and technology platform for value-based precision medicine, today announced the signing of a major, multi-year collaboration with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation to help improve clinical and cost outcomes for breast cancer patients. As part of this agreement, which expands significantly on the previous announced collaboration entered into January 2016, teams from across Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation will leverage Cota's research-grade, real-world evidence, web-based analysis and visualization tools, and be supported by Cota's medical, data science, and technology experts. Utilizing the real-world evidence and technology platform supplied by Cota is expected to enable Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation to accelerate clinical development of new therapies for breast cancer and identify which patients will benefit most. Read Full Release
Boston Millennia Parters
BMP Portfolio company Bivarus Raises $4 Million to Fuel Continued Growth
Bivarus, a patient-centered analytics company working with healthcare organizations to measure and analyze the patient experience and employee engagement, announced today it raised $4 million in a Series B from existing investors. Hatteras Venture Partnersled this latest financing round. Other participants in the round include Excelerate Health Ventures, Nashville-based NueCura Partners and Boston Millennia Partners. Read Full Release
Why Big Health Insurance is pouring money into startups
One effect of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare? A spike in venture interest in health care startups. Digital health care companies raised $2.3 billion in the first half of 2014, which surpasses the total raised in all of 2013, according Rock Health, a health care-focused seed fund. That figure is impressive given that 2013 was already a record year at $1.9 billion raised. (That's a 39% increase year over year, even as biotech investment grew just 8% and medical devices investment fell by 17%.) Read Full Release
New AI Tool Improves Cognitive Testing
One good piece of news in recent years is that people around the world are living longer. The less good news is that older age exposes more of us to varieties of cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the number of people with this diagnosis is likely to grow from around five million today to some 13.5 million in 2050. What could help stem this tsunami of pending illness? A team from MIT and Lahey Hospital and Medical Center has created a tool that will make it easier to detect cognitive impairment, enabling treatment to begin earlier and, potentially, improve outcomes. Read Full Release
Odyssey Logistics & Technology
Growth continues for Odyssey; move within Matrix planned
It was a year of growth in 2016 for Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corp. as it announced net revenue increased by 8 percent. In other words, 2016 was a typical year for the Danbury-based transportation company. Odyssey officials said the company has now experienced growth for 14 consecutive years. A major acquisition, maintaining a leadership position in key markets and expanding into new areas helped spur last year’s growth, Robert Shellman, president and CEO, said.... Read Full Release
Introducing Cota OCM™—A Solution for Practices Moving to Value-based Programs
Over the last year, our team at Cota has worked closely with providers and CMS—preparing for the eventual move to value-based payment under MACRA by studying the complexities of the law and building an OCM-specific technology solution on top of our CNA Guided Care™ platform. To address the obvious policy question up front: While the new administration has already planned or implemented sweeping changes across other areas, all indications (including these comments from former CMS head Andy Slavitt) point to Alternative Payment Models (APMs) and value-based payments sticking around for the long haul. In this post, we want to share what we’ve learned so far and officially announce Cota’s new technology solution specifically designed to help providers address the challenges and opportunities during this exciting time in the move value-based healthcare. Jump straight to the Cota OCM product announcement here. Read Full Release
Odyssey Logistics & Technology
Odyssey Logistics & Technology Posts Eight Percent Growth; Continues fourteen year trend of consecutive growth
Danbury, Conn. (Feb. 2, 2017) — Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey) announced today that it has posted fourteen consecutive years of growth, with net revenue up eight percent in 2016. The company attributes this year’s results to sustaining its leadership position in complex key markets, implementing operational efficiencies and maximizing benefits from the acquisition of Linden Bulk Transportation. Read Full Release
Mingle Analytics
Looking Inside the Founder Forum: Dan Mingle of Mingle Analytics
Dan Mingle, as you’ll learn below, never thought of himself as an entrepreneur. He was just a doctor who while running his own physician practice in Norway, Maine, for more than a decade recognized a need for a more efficient healthcare system. Instead of being content with the lack of a solution, he saw an opportunity to execute on his ideas and play a part in improving the healthcare system and helping physicians like himself. Read Full Release