Case Study: Proteome

Proteome / Incyte Genomics provides its customers with sophisticated protein analysis database tools that transform scientific publications into an analyzable relational database.  Its customers include 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.  Instead of conducting searches of the literature about, e.g. protein interaction, a scientist can access the Proteome database through a link on his or her computer. Users can be assured the data is current because the Proteome staff continually reviews the relevant literature and provides weekly updates to the database. The Proteome services are sold on an annual renewable license basis. Proteome was a pioneer in protein literature curation and developed a formidable head start against potential competitors by virtue of having reviewed and summarized 40,000 scientific articles. The company was sold to Incyte Genomics for cash and stock with an aggregate value of $77,000,000, 12 months after our first investment.  The BMP investors received a 400% return on their capital commitment.

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